yuma heritage library

studio ma
350 third avenue
yuma, az 85364

The Yuma Heritage Library reflects the community’s desire for a contemporary library that also acknowledges the existing building’s historic standing in Yuma. Originally a Carnegie town library and square that underwent a major addition in the 1960's, the goal of the project was to restore the building’s once prominent standing as a social destination and focal point for all ages in downtown Yuma. Four new double height light ‘monitors’ wash the interior with light while also transforming the building’s interior to feel lofty and bright and the exterior to have additional prominence and scale. In addition to preserving the existing building and site’s history, the community’s extended history is woven throughout the project. Local points of pride such as the Colorado River, the Gila Trail and the local tale, 'Roxaboxen' are highlighted through physical and representational references that offer a lens through which to understand the changing community.


arizona western
college career center

smithgroup jjr
1351 s redondo center drive
yuma, az 85365

The Arizona Western College Career Center is a building of contrasts. It fortifies itself against Interstate 8 and the Territorial Parkway to the east and west while offering a welcoming gesture to students and opening itself to expansive views of the Chocolate Mountains to the north. Two classroom wings extend along the east and west edges of the central administration building to frame a landscaped courtyard, shielded from the surrounding noise to create a protected oasis offering respite from our intense desert climate.