coconino community college

jones studio in association
with rhodes & associates
2800 s lone tree road
flagstaff, az 86001

Sited within the Coconino Forest, Coconino Community College emphasizes the relationship between nature and nurture. Through an environment open to nature, the architecture fosters a love of learning and an appreciation for the unique forest setting. The dance/multi-purpose room is the building pivot point. Here the building’s base, glowing interior and floating roof move between the trees with a respect for the natural beauty of the forest. The room’s projected form, orientation and floor-to-ceiling glass highlight a sensation of “dancing in the trees.” Additionally, controlled natural daylight is essential to every space. Classroom clerestories and interior faculty offices borrow daylight from continuous corridor skylights combined with composite wood and glass storefronts. North facing clerestory windows in the computer commons maximize daylight and views to the treetops while minimizing glare and summer heat gain. Throughout the project students are reminded that nature shaped their school and the site’s unique beauty makes their building special.